Friday, 31 October 2008

Mofo Wrap Up


Today is the last day of the mofo. And now I have about 800 posts in my google reader to catch up on. I'm really glad we joined it. I've found lots of new and interesting blogs. And others have come to ours and hopefully are enjoying it. The month went rather fast and we still have several ideas of things we couldn't get to, so I hope you won't stop reading just because the mofo has ended. We will be blogging more regularly, so stay tuned. Thanks for all the comments and support.


Yeah, I second all of that! I've been feeling the pressure a little bit this month trying to post enough but I think we did a pretty good job and I hope you have enjoyed a little insight into our lives and eating habits in Japan. There are a bunch of posts that I didn't get around to writing up so be on the look out for some info about Japanese sweets, a frying pan apple crumble recipe, and a rhapsody about stew and dumplings :)

Thanks to my fellow blogger Pamela for motivating me to do this, thanks to all the other MOFOers out there for your inspiration, and thanks to everyone who read our posts and everyone who left comments for us. And most of all, thank YOU for being vegan (or at least interested enough in the lifestyle to read our crappy blog). You rock!

P.S. this is dedicated to all of you, haha

-- Sarah

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Mihl said...

Of course I won't stop reading! I am glad I discovered your blog and looking forward to your next posts.