Friday, 17 October 2008

Birthday Bash Part 2ish

So it was an extended birthday weekend...

My birthday was on Monday, the 13th, which also coincided with a National Japanese Holiday (パメラの日). The big party was over on Saturday and our boy's had a show. I asked Sarah to meet me before the show, just so I didn't feel super lame about being alone while the boys had sound check. So we hit Moby Dick, a buffet chain restaurant. This is NOT a vegan restaurant, but they do have many options for vegans. They have also added allergy index cards in front of most of the items, so you can usually figure out what is vegan.

Here's my plate. If you look in the background you can see my present from Sarah! It's an awesome vegan, Japanese cookbook. Hopefully, I'll be posting something from out of it shortly, I just have no food in my apartment and can't decide what to make.

My boyfriend plays the trombone. He was nice enough to mouth the words Happy Birthday to me from the stage. I felt special.

After the show, he skipped the after party and we went to Big Boy, which is basically just a big steak house/family style restaurant. The only perk to it is that they have a good vegetarian salad bar.

All in all I had a very nice birthday. I got to see some of my favorite people and eat at 2 buffets, what can be better?


My first plate of yummy stuff from the buffet:

Rice with konbu and wakame, umeboshi and some other pickles:

My dessert plate (nashi pear chunks, azuki bean jellies, orange slices):



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great birthday weekend! What are those fried items in the front of the first plate?
Can't wait too see you cook from your new cookbook. I never got much into Japanese cooking and I don't even know why. Maybe I've been waiting for your inspiration!

Jeni Treehugger said...

Spreading out the birthday celebrations is goooood!

Pamela & Sarah said...

The big fried thing on the first plate was onion rings! Thankfully they didn't include eggs for a change. (Yeah, new allergy cards.)