Thursday, 2 October 2008

Issue #2

We have completed Issue #2!

It was a pretty miserable weekend. I caught a cold on Friday and the temperature dropped suddenly. And Sarah hates waking up early. But she got up and took the train to my boyfriend's parent's house. We used their house since they were out of town and our bf's were helping us out with some last minute translating and we would need a printer. This was our last chance to do it before the Vegetarian Festival this weekend. So we put on hoodies and got work.

The second issue was much easier since we already have a basic format that we use.

This is us hard at work munching on guacamole.

This is Ume (my bf) totally NOT helping. He enjoyed annoying us with the iPod's game's sound.

Haha! But seriously, we appreciate the help of the various people who translate what we write or check our translations. We couldn't do this without them!

I'll give you a few pictures of the finished Zine.

We did an essay about fur for this issue. The featured band was Suicide Machines. Here you can see a bio and the translations of one of their songs.
We also had some yummy eats to fuel our work.

Lunch was made by Ume. It was his specialty: pepperoncino. (On a side note, is it a Japanese version of a real Italian dish? I've never heard the name or eaten it until I came to Japan, but it's at EVERY Italian restaurant here. It's just fried garlic and sliced red chilies mixed with spaghetti and of course lots of olive oil.)

We also ate guacamole, but as you can see from the above picture, it was gone before we could take a picture.

We also made some pizzas with the crusts I had frozen. Ume likes his with a lot of corn...

If you want to get a copy of Issue #2, please contact us. Also, if you get your hands on a copy and end up at our blog, please let us know in the comments section. We're interested in how people find us.

This blog was started originally to be an English version of our zine. But we're finding that we use it more as a supplement to the zine, as the topics we cover are widely known by our English speaking readers. We apologize for the lack of Japanese on this site and hope to add more as we can.



pavotrouge said...

congrats on the zine! no, "peperoncino" is not a made-up thing, though it's called pasta olio, aglio e peperoncino in Italian (past with oil, garlic and chili).

tara said...

hey, which ipod game was ume playing?? i am addicted to Vortex, but im the only one who knows about it!