Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Food Room 101

If you've ever read 1984 or watched the movie then you will be familiar with the idea of Room 101. Or if you were born in 1984 like me then you will probably have grown up with people going "Ooooh, Big Brother is watching you...." or "oh, better not be bad Sarah or you'll get sent to Room 101."

Anyway, skipping gently on....

Room 101 (for those of you who sat in the back in English class) is the room where THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD IS. So whatever your deepest, darkest fear is, it will be in Room 101 waiting for you. Creepy! This idea captured people's imaginations obviously and there was (and still is???) a long running TV show in the UK called Room 101 where celebrities could submit a few items that they want vanquished to Room 101, never to return. People tried to appeal to the host of the show to let their item go in. Some examples of nominated items include the Welsh, ventriloquists, jellyfish, the British countryside, the rules of golf, cheese, annoying noises, Britney Spears, campfire songs etc etc. When I was young I always thought about the thing that I would like sent to Room 101 and so I decided, inspired by the vegan MoFo, it would be a fun post to think about the food items that I'd like "disappeared" from the face of the planet.

My nomination for your appraisal:
The Most Evil Food Known to Man - Spaghetti Hoops

I seriously, fucking loath this disgusting monstrosity of a food item. Since I was a child, this is the one food that I will not tolerate near me. Even one whiff of the bright bordering-on-radioactive orange "tomato" sauce is enough to make me puke in my mouth. Probably because it smells like vomit already. I have a horrifying memory of being given a plate of this on toast at my grandparents house and having to choke it down while simultaneously trying my hardest to not regurgitate all over the kitchen table. Urgh. Also, these things are just freakish and unnatural. And what happens to the middle bits of the hoops?
Basically , they look like crap, they taste like crap, they are full of crap - ergo they should not be allowed to exist anymore.

I'm sure I have some things that I'd like vanquished but that's definetely the one food that I just can't tolerate at all. How about you? What food do you really hate? I'm interested so leave a comment and let me know!

-- Sarah


Anonymous said...

Interesting post! Your hatred of spaghetti hoops mirrors my hatred of baked beans exactly! The sight, the smell, and being made to 'eat around them' as a child even though I despised being in the same room as them. The squashed ones are the worst! My brother used to flick them at me too, knowing how much I hated them :o( Boys are so mean!
Can you put baked beans into room 101 please?

Terra said...

I gotta say I'm torn between two things. First is wasabi - it BURNS, why would you want to eat it?? And second is sticky puddings. I was near-force-fed so many in the past, during the hottest summer on record no less, that I just feel sick at the site of them.

Jeni Treehugger said...

I will save the Hoops (and the Beans - you are both wrong in the head).
I hate being put on the spot because I know there are foods I detest but I just can't think of one right now, besides the obvious anyway.

pavotrouge said...

I'll have to admit it's something very healthy... I loath savoy cabbage. I'll eat anything vegan and any weird vegetable in the world, even every other sort of cabbage, but savoy cabbage is horrible!

Jhenn said...

I brought 2 cans of spaghetti hoops back from England... =)

I would banish natto and olives.

Jade Is Green! said...

Canned asparagus is my mortal enemy. The smell and texture result it automatic gagging. My mum tried to make me force these down numerous times as a child before giving up. I didn't even know there was such a thing as fresh asparagus (which I LOVE) until about the age of 15.

Also, sad to say but bananas. Sorry B vitamins and potassium and fibre and all the amazing things found in bananas. You'll just have to be gained elsewhere.