Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The Zine Issue #1

It's finished! Our first issue of our real zine is finished!!! We will be printing it and handing out the first copies after a show this weekend.

Here's a photo montage of our crazy zine making weekend:

We started Friday night with a yummy Miso soup! This has mushrooms (a Japanese kind I can't remember the name for), fried tofu, carrots, pumpkin, and onion.

Here are a few pages laid out on my floor. We fueled ourselves with hot chocolate and sembei.

At about 3 in the morning, we called it a day. Before getting a big start the next morning, we had a big breakfast of Sarah's Tofu Scramble and pitas.

A few pages done, a bigger mess made...

Here's one of the pages close up. It wasn't totally finished at this point, but almost.

本文を欲しいと思っている人、e-mailして下さい!後、今週の土曜日(15日)にライブでgetできる!!!GeluguguのOH! GELUISM TOUR 2008にいる。

Where: 滋賀県浜大津 B-Flat http://www.livehouse-b-flat.jp/

Time:  Open 5:30 Start 6:30

値段: 3000円 



So, yeah we finished! I'm not often proud of what I do, but I'll admit to being pretty damn pleased and accomplished with our work on this!

Here's some more pictures from the weekend:

The front and back covers (and some of my random doodles - I really like the dead bird!)

The "What's a Vegetarian?" page

Our celebration dinner and the finished master copy

-- Sarah

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Making Miracles Out of ...this

I thought people might be interested to know what kinds of kitchens we have to work with here in Japan.

This is pretty much it. My counter is only about thigh high and I only have the little counter between the sink and the stove. My stove is a two burner with a fish grill in the middle or a pine nut toaster/fire starter in my case. My fridge is about chest high and on top of that is my microwave/oven. Not pictured are the cabinets above the sink which is where I keep all my plates and bowls. Under the sink is my pots and pans and under the stove is my pantry of canned goods and all dried cooking stuff.

This is the rest. Next to the fridge I have a spice rack which I keep my oils on top of. Recently, it's also where I store overflow canned goods and some vegetables like onions and potatoes. Next to the desk is my rice cooker, which now has a fancy schmancy food processor next to it. That's it. I don't even have a table. I just eat on the floor. I would love to have a 'real' sized fridge/freezer and oven. Someday...but I've never seen a 'real' oven in Japan. I sort of have the hang of my weird convection type oven now, but it still mostly cooks the tops of things and not the bottoms.