Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The Zine Issue #1

It's finished! Our first issue of our real zine is finished!!! We will be printing it and handing out the first copies after a show this weekend.

Here's a photo montage of our crazy zine making weekend:

We started Friday night with a yummy Miso soup! This has mushrooms (a Japanese kind I can't remember the name for), fried tofu, carrots, pumpkin, and onion.

Here are a few pages laid out on my floor. We fueled ourselves with hot chocolate and sembei.

At about 3 in the morning, we called it a day. Before getting a big start the next morning, we had a big breakfast of Sarah's Tofu Scramble and pitas.

A few pages done, a bigger mess made...

Here's one of the pages close up. It wasn't totally finished at this point, but almost.

本文を欲しいと思っている人、e-mailして下さい!後、今週の土曜日(15日)にライブでgetできる!!!GeluguguのOH! GELUISM TOUR 2008にいる。

Where: 滋賀県浜大津 B-Flat http://www.livehouse-b-flat.jp/

Time:  Open 5:30 Start 6:30

値段: 3000円 



So, yeah we finished! I'm not often proud of what I do, but I'll admit to being pretty damn pleased and accomplished with our work on this!

Here's some more pictures from the weekend:

The front and back covers (and some of my random doodles - I really like the dead bird!)

The "What's a Vegetarian?" page

Our celebration dinner and the finished master copy

-- Sarah


John Plummer said...

It looks great! You should do an English version for us non-Japanese-speakers!

Ravenfire said...

If you end up doing an english run please email me to let me know (dissension AT arbent DOT net), I'd love to do a trade. I do the Dissension zine.

It looks fantastic, congrats on finishing your first issue!!

Linas said...

Looks nice :-) Is it possible to see the zine in pdf or in any other virtual format?

Jhenn said...

yeah!!! A real cut and paste zine!! I miss those. Hope I can help out when I come back!
Sarah, I just put up a haggis recipe. It's great!