Thursday, 8 May 2008

Golden Week Part 1

Last week was Golden week, so Sarah and I headed up to Tokyo.

First, we went to the Hoppin & Steppin Showcase
最初、Hoppin & Steppin Showcaseのライブに行った。

It was a great show! My favorite bands of the day were Frail Head Squeeze, Dallax, Moody Rudy, and Cutie Pi ( ;) ). I haven't seen Frail Head Squeeze since September and there show was awesome. Moody Rudy was my first show, but I was quite impressed with them, they put on a good show. Several other bands were good, but I think there were the most notable.
スゴカッタ!私の好きなバンドはFrail Head Squeeze, Dallax, Moody Rudy, Cutie Piです。Frailは7ヶ月ぶり見ていた、めっちゃヤバかった。MoodyRudyって言うバンドは初めて見た、でもすごい感動した、とても盛り上がった。まぁ、他のバンドもだいたい好きだったけど。。。

Since there were 18 bands and the show was all day, we packed lunches to eat at the venue. We ate white bean hummus from Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan (, flatbread from Cozy Inside (, couscous, tamari roasted chickpeas also from EDBV, and chopped carrots. We had quite a feast.


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