Thursday, 8 May 2008

Restaurant Reviews: Deva Deva Cafe

Our first restaurant was Deva Deva Cafe. This is in Kichijoji.

It's on the second floor, but has a nice little sign up front to help you find it.

This was Sarah's gigantic avocado burger. Sarah can tell you more about it。

I ordered the Bio sparkling lemonade. It was very refreshing and a perfect match for the gorgeous spring weather we were having. I'm also a total sucker for pizza, so I got the tomato, olive, basil pizza with vegan cheese. The crust was very crispy and a little difficult to pick up and eat with my fingers, but that didn't stop me from inhaling this in seconds. We all felt perfectly full and decided to skip dessert and left feeling refreshed and happy, as opposed to ill and weighted down. I spent about 1700 yen, I believe.

The restaurant was brightly lit from the wall of glass and everything was painted white. I'll definitely make an effort to come here again! There is also a Lush near the station, that sells vegan soaps and body care. On the way to the restaurant we also stopped at Natural House and spent ages oooohhhing and aaawwwwing at the selection of vegetarian food, much of which was too heavy for us to carry home.

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