Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Hello! I know it's been ages. I'm still alive. Life has been both busy and static. Sarah mentioned I would have news of an animal. Unfortunately, the dog we were hoping to adopt didn't work out. But he went to a great home with little kids to spoil him and keep him busy. When the time is right for us, we'll invite a dog into our family.

I also moved in with my boyfriend and his family so that we can try to save some money for once. Although, we are using most of that to go to the states this summer. I also moved to a new school. I'm doing the same job, just somewhere else. I enjoy my new school MUCH more.

Alright, I guess that's it for updates...onto the food!

So you may remember us mentioning Cafe Proverb on this blog a time or two. It has been our favorite vegan restaurant for ages. Well, recently, they have made a lot of changes. First, a lot of the staff was changed. Then they added cow's cheese and cow's milk as options to replace the soy cheese (which was never vegan because of casein) and soy milk. This struck us as annoying and completely unneccesary. They clearly have a strong customer base, they are packed every time we go. Then more recently, Sarah went and they've added honey to some of the main dishes. So we are starting to give up hope for them. The owners own another cafe in Tokyo that is far from vegan, but the Kyoto one was sold to them on the condition that they keep the space a vegan one (it was previously Cafe Peace).

Our favorite dish there is the veggie soymilk ramen. As either a vegetarian or vegan for the majority of my time here, I've never had a chance to have real, restaurant style ramen. And let me tell you, it is very different from the packaged, instant stuff you may be thinking of.

Last week, my boyfriend had a craving for this ramen and since we aren't as interested in going there anymore, plus saving money for our trip to the states, he tried to recreate this dish. And let me tell you. It was spot on!!! We've already had it twice.

Unfortunately, he doesn't have a recipe for it, but I'll try to give you a basic idea soon. For now, the food porn shot to keep you coming back.

The pretty pre-diggin in picture.

So you can get a look of the noodles.

By the way, can anyone tell me if you can even get vegan ramen noodles in the states or elsewhere. The thing to look for is eggs. Both are sold here. In Japan they are sold in the cold case, fresh and usually very cheap.



Anonymous said...

You can definitely get vegan ramen noodles in the US, any decent sized asian food mart will have them. Here in Portland, OR we have Fubonn and Uwajimaya which both have them, wet or dry :)

p.s. did you get my email? my girlfriend and I are two vegans trying to get our feet in the door in japan and are looking for advice :)

Anonymous said...

Hot damn that ramen looks good! I tried making a more authentic version myself, and you are right, it's nothing like the packaged stuff. Man I hope you post a recipe because that just looks awesome! :)

Penny said...

Yay! Your ramen looks amazing...I recently made my own too, but am curious about your soymilk broth.